More Than Just Coffee

Danilo’s is dedicated to bringing the authentic cafe experience to a city beset with big chain coffee shops. Whether you come for a cafe latte, fresh pasta, or for an amazing thin-crust pizza you can be sure everything is made fresh and with care.

The cafe was built in the style of a true Italian cafe, providing a wholesome base of classic Italian favourites. The rotating lunch menu ensures you can stop in multiple times a week and have a fresh experience each time. Espresso based drinks are also well represented, along with high quality Italian treats for those who have a sweet tooth. The weekend evenings feature a unique arrangement of thin-crust pizzas, with recipes sourced directly in Italy. These pizzas all provide a different focus and balance of ingredients to ensure that every one is its own delicious slice of heaven.

With a commitment to recreating a genuine Italian cafe in Edmonton, Danilo’s is also incorporating live music into the experience. Having already hosted the wonderful Alfie Zappacosta, the future holds the promise of many more live shows.

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